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Overview of PEQAB’s Application Fee Schedule:

Applications Fees

The application fees for the consent process, as determined by the Ministry, are $5,000 per application for a new program from any of Ontario’s publicly-assisted postsecondary institutions, while the application fee for new programs by private institutions and public-out-of-province providers increased as November 1, 2021 to $25,000. The application fee for all program renewals is $5,000. An institution is invoiced for the amount of the application fee once the Ministry refers it to PEQAB for quality assurance review.

Review Charges

While PEQAB does not determine the application fees, it does directly set the Review charges, which are based on cost recovery for Reviewer honoraria and expenses. Currently the honoraria are $800 per diem for Reviewers. PEQAB also manages other aspects of Reviews, such as the number of Reviewers per Review and the number of days for which Reviewers are compensated, all of which directly affects the total costs to the applicant institution. Applicant institutions are invoiced directly by PEQAB for these associated costs in advance of the Review (as a deposit, based on the estimated total Review costs).

The Review charges vary with each application depending on the number of Reviewers, the length and complexity of the Review, any associated travel, accommodation, meeting or communication costs, and whether the applicant organization’s Response to the Panel Report requires further review. Review charges will normally range between $7,000 and $11,000 for a full, onsite, Program Review. The costs for virtual site visits are generally lower as travel cost are not incurred for the Review Panels in these cases. Similarly, costs are lower for partial reviews (e.g. amendments or report-backs on conditions of consent requiring Review by an External Expert Panel) as these are typically carried out by Panels with fewer members, who also require less time to complete these Reviews.


Application Type

Application Fee

Estimated/Average Cost Recovery Charge (with travel costs)

Full new program (Ontario public)


$5,600 ($7,000 and $11,000)

Full new program (private and public-out-of-province)


$5,600 ($7,000 and $11,000)

Full program renewals (all providers)


$5,600 ($7,000 and $11,000)

Organization Review


$5,600 ($7,000 and $11,000) for full review, adjusted to scope where appropriate

Breadth Capacity



Expanded Degree Granting/Use of Term University






Conditions of Consent**



"Other" referrals



*effective Nov. 1, 2021

**if requiring an External Expert

Bundled Program Review Application Fees

When PEQAB receives at the same time, from a single institution, two or more consent applications at the same degree level, and these overlap to the extent that they share 50% or more of course content, PEQAB may invoice the institution a single application fee for these Program Reviews as a “bundle” as follows:

Publicly Assisted Ontario:

New or renewed first program


Each new or renewed additional program


Private/Out of Province:

New first program


Each new additional program


Renewal first program


Each renewal of additional programs


This “bundling” of Program Reviews must be discussed with the PEQAB Secretariat in advance of the Review. The fee reduction for additional overlapping degree programs is based on, and applies only if, the overlap is sufficient to allow for a single site visit and a single External Expert Review Panel (EERP). Normally that EERP will have an expanded number of members to provide expertise in all areas of the programs.